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If you’re an online story publisher, press release website, news channel or blog owner with a minimum monthly visitor traffic of 15,000 and above, you can partner with us for content syndication.

How does it work ?

Our media partners display the news we publish on Red Newswire through wire or a content syndication network. While you may be interested in publishing niche news and not every news you may publish, we offer you the choice to select the categories of news or stories or corporate press releases you would like to display on your website / app.

We also do take in your terms & conditions of publishing to understand you better and release to your website the content in a standardized release format.

Does Red Newswire pay you for featuring its content on your website ?

Well, Yes we do. For website or blogs with a monthly traffic of less than or equal to 25,000 we may not pay you.  If your website traffic is above 25k, then we pay you on “Pay Per Release” basis or a “Monthly Payout”. The mode of payment may depends on the mutually agreed terms & conditions. The payout to you may also depend on the page where you feature the syndicated content. For e.g, the payouts for first page / landing page coverage is higher than a coverage on a sub-domain link or a link in the footer or sidebars of your websites. However, the payments module is not applicable for bloggers who do not own a private website of their own and run blogs for Free on sub-domains of Wordspress or Blogspot. Still, you’re eligible to integrate and display our news on your website / blog to keep up with the latest news and grab traffic.

Once you become a Red Newswire Media Partner or Affiliate, we share the syndication code with you, which you can deploy on your website and get rolling !

Our tech team helps you with the syndication process. A documentation & help section is also available on our website.

Those interested in partnering with us and make a few extra bucks monthly, which would gradually increase with time, can fill register through the form below.