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Panasonic magic again – Invisible TVs!

Panasonic magic again – Invisible TVs!

Panasonic magic again – Invisible TVs!

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Jan 13, 2016 Last Updated at 5:15 PM IST.

panasonic magic again-invisible tv

Well who doesn’t like translucency be in terms of anything. It makes matter less complicated and more comprehensible, visible, open. This time we are talking about the real matter, yes like the solid matter. It has become conspicuous; you will be able to see through a real time solid matter in front, believe it or not.

Panasonic has made it possible to make your eyes see more than a TV that is beyond a TV. The company showed out the technology in a fabricated living room full of audience. The spokesperson did this by placing the TV in front of a shelf that had some portraits and then he kept on switching between “transparent mode” wherein you can see the stuff behind the TV and the “TV mode” wherein you can just see the TV like a normal one. There was another mode, he showcased wherein The TV was partially transparent and other part was opaque which left audience bewildered.

panasonic magic again-invisble tv

Apart from the bowled over phenomena which was presented, the spokesperson showed that how savvy the tech has become. He just rolled over his hands on the screen to go through the list of songs until he finally played it from the list by tapping on it. You can also use voice commands and remotes, duh?

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Right now, the transparent displays tend to be a little dark so it needs under-shelf lighting in order to really work, but this is still in the prototype stage. The resolution is currently available up to 1080 pixels.

Right now the company is aiming to make the tech even better and more translucent. Although they have not disclosed the release dates yet but is speculated to be out in 2018-2020.

By: Rishi Sharma @Rednewswire

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