Ola is teaming up with BMW to upgrade its luxury cabs segment


Ola, the Indian smart cab service announced on Monday that it is tying up with BMW to up its game in the luxury cars segment.

New Delhi, 24th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

What was once a concept no one would back has now become a household name, smart cabs are the present and future and Ola believes that the whole idea is here to stay for long. To strengthen this claim, the company announced on Monday (via Reuters) that it is teaming up with German carmaker BMW to increase its hold on the luxury cars department.

Previously, we saw the smart cab service join hands with India’s top SUV maker, Mahindra & Mahindra last month. It seems as if the future of cabs is trying to add as much flavour to its service as possible with different types of vehicles.

Over the past few years, BMW has become synonymous with luxury, comfort and class. And that is what Ola wants to bring to the table for its customers and drivers alike.

Following the new tie-up, Ola cab operators will be able to avail cheaper credit to buy BMW cars. They will also receive after-sales support and, most importantly, guaranteed buyback, according to a statement from Ola. These are not the only perks for Ola employees, though. Apparently, BMW-certified instructors will also be at the disposal of Ola drivers. They will teach the drivers about auto safety systems and technology.

As mentioned before, this is not the first time an automaker has signed a deal with a ride-sharing company. We’ve already seen several big names like Volkswagen, Toyota Motor Corp and General Motors join hands with various cab services in order to future-proof themselves. Suffice to say, consumers are currently more likely to use ride-sharing cab services rather than own a car themselves, so these deals secure automakers in more ways than one.

Image credit: Reuters