Now Whatsapp straight from your desktop


Now Whatsapp straight from your desktop

Now Whatsapp straight from your desktop
Image: Whatsapp Blog

Bengaluru | Red Newswire | May 11 01:45 PM IST.

Whatsapp today announced on its blog the launch of its desktop version. Now whatsapping won’t be just limited to your phones! Now you will be able to stay connected through your laptops and desktops. This version is similar to Whatsapp Web and mirrors chats from the phone.

The Whatsapp Desktop version is available for Windows 8 and above and Mac OS 10.9 and above. This desktop app will be synced with your mobile app. But what makes it better than mobile phone app is that it provides support for native desktop notifications and of course keyboard shortcuts!

The app can be downloaded here through any desktop browser. Then run the app and scan QR code using your mobile Whatsapp. This is convenient especially when you are working on desktop and still want to chat while your phone is in your pocket.

Source: Official Whatsapp Blog