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The Red Newswire writing club comprises of writers, authors with varied business verticals and diverse experiences. We write for both day-today niches as well as on rare topics as well. Some of the major niches our writers write for are as mentioned below:-

Technology Real Estate
Finance Jewelry
Sports & Fitness Fashion
Beauty Healthcare
Lifestyle Travel & Tours
Celebrity Gossips Films & reviews
Current Affairs News re-writing
Human Resource News & the Media


Although, most of the PR agencies or writing teams, upon receiving writing jobs assign the job to a group of writers, we at Red Newswire do not do so exactly. The job ordered is well classified as per its niche and the writing job is assigned to one of the writing groups that holds enough experience in that particular niche or relevant industry. However, we have all-rounder writers as well and allocation of job to niche experts depends on their availability at a given time on given days of the week and the workload.

Upon completion of job, the content is passed to the evaluation team, which further conducts the necessary quality checks, makes it Copyscape proof and pass it on to the Content Delivery Team.