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New Microsoft Service Can Tell How Angry or Happy One is in Photos

New Microsoft Service Can Tell How Angry or Happy One is in Photos

New Microsoft Service Can Tell How Angry or Happy One is in Photos

New Microsoft Service Can Tell How Angry or Happy One is in Photos

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Nov 13, 2015 Last Updated at 05:00 PM IST.

Microsoft has announced couple of updates for its Project Oxford. The project provides online services using which developers can create intelligent apps having complicated features such as face recognitions. The Project Oxford was announced at the company’s Build Event in last spring.

Microsoft said that it has put a lot of research in to the machine learning like none. It also has the computing power and data centers required to carry out such heavy scale processing. Combining it together, developers can really benefit from what Microsoft has to offer.

Few updates were also announced at a conference that included features for speech recognition with lot of noise in the background, identification of the person who is speaking, video stabilization and spellchecking. However, the coolest of all updates is to facial recognition service that can look at the photos and state how happy or angry the person is. A demo of the service is available at the Project Oxford site where you can upload your photo and see the results. If there are many people in the photo, it will rate each one’s emotional scale. For instance, this could be used as filter on social networks to show you only happy or sad pictures.

The update also has applications in business field. For example, software can be built for the market research firms that would take pictures during a commercial and provide a more scientific insight as to how a group reacts. Ryan galgon, senior program manager at Microsoft Research said, “People are doing sentiment analysis on text, but not data.”

The video features will be released in beta by the end of the year. You would be able to edit video automatically including chopping down a video, stabilizing it or fix the shaking.

The speaker recognition feature will also be available by December’s end. This could be used in security applications in large enterprises. The speech recognition can be trained through the new Custom Recognition intelligent Service or CRIS. However this one will be available through invite only.

The Spell checking would mean a smarter dictionary which can be updated by Microsoft with new brand names and slangs.

Source: Business Insider

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