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Mobile Site vs Mobile App-Which is better for your business?


Mobile sites generate more customer traffic and incur low cost as compared to mobile apps. 

New Delhi-Nov 20, 2016. Rednewswire/-

With the advancement in technology, most of the companies have launched their mobile app to enhance customer loyalty by getting millions of downloads. However, the apps are not very useful for people who use the services less often. If an app is not used frequently, people don’t tend to download it or even if they download it, they consider it as an unncessary occupant of their limited phone memory.  This ultimately results in low customer engagement.

A very good alternative to increase customer engagement can be mobile sites. You may be wondering what a mobile site is? Well, a mobile site is a lighter version of the full version of any website basically designed for small gadgets like mobile phones or tablets. The basic feature of a mobile site is that they don’t need to be downloaded and can work even with slow internet network. Whereas, a mobile app comes with an obligation to download them from Play Store or App Store.

Mobile sites are ideal for people who don’t use a service very frequently. They also help in increasing traffic rather than the app not getting used at all or not being downloaded at all. If you run a business or planning to come up with one that caters to mobile users, make it s a point to launch a mobile site. Here’s how mobile sites can help you:

Increased Reach

The visibility of a mobile app is limited to the Play Store or App Store only. This is not the case with mobile sites, they are visible through many search engines. This makes mobile sites easy to locate and access. They also have high customer engagement than apps. Traffic from your main website can easily be shared with your mobile site. This is many a times not possible with mobile applications.

Freedom to users

Mobile apps first need to be downloaded and then updated from time to time to use them in a hassle-free way. However, it consumes a lot of data and also take up a lot of space blocking the memory of your device. Mobile sites, on the other hand, give you the freedom to access it whenever you want. They don’t need to be downloaded or updated. Most importantly, they don’t eat up your phone’s memory.

Sharing of content

Mobile sites allow users to share their desired content with their contacts or different platforms in just one click. Promotion of a mobile site can be done through blogs, emails, other websites and even print media. This facility is not provided by mobile apps.

Low Cost

The creation of a mobile site is extremely cost effective as compared to mobile apps. Mobile apps first need initial investment and don’t just end here. You need to spend on updates, bug fixes and testing as well. Hence, building a mobile site is much more economical.

If you have developed a gaming platform or something similar then it is recommended to launch a mobile app. But if you have launched a platform that works on all devices, can be easily set up and requires low cost then go for a mobile site.

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