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Mobikwik allies with payment gateway start-up Razorpay

Mobikwik allies with payment gateway start-up Razorpay

Mobikwik allies with payment gateway start-up Razorpay.

Mobikwik, the popular mobile wallet company has recently allied with Razorpay, the payment gateway start-up as an attempt to get rid of the common online payment despairs that online retailers face every day.

Bengaluru | March 8, 2016 02:35 AM IST.

This association involves the introduction of Mobikwik’s Power Wallet API which provides Razorpay with the facility to make payments that are near to 100% successful, in the field of processing. This has also enabled all of Razorpay’s retailers to receive payments from Mobikwik, without any difficulties and also, without the introduction of any changes in the code of the application.

As an effect of this allegiance, many of Razorpay’s merchants like Rentomojo, Papa Johns, Brekkie, Knowlarity, and Roadrunnr are moving on to prefer Mobikwik wallet as their mode of payment and further, 1000 other clients of Razorpay are making decisions to do the same by adopting Mobikwik wallet.

Founder of Mobikwik, Bipin Preet Singh says that the biggest problem that is faced by merchants in terms of success is the mode of payment that is made use of by either party. He ensures that the alliance of Mobikwik wallet with Razorpay’s strong platform will enhance the payment method and also the speed of the transaction between the consumers and the retailers, thus helping with the growth and improvement of the company by reducing the cost incurred in carrying out business and also ensuring customer satisfaction.

Co-founder of Razorpay, Shashank Kumar says that their main aim and their greatest challenge was to provide their customers with different options and modes to pay, making sure that the user interface is as simple as possible. He says that Mobikwik proved to be a disposed ally in ensuring such a set-up, willing to develop many more future products to ensure and enhance the satisfaction of customers with simple tools of usage.