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Microsoft’s Outlook scheduling assistant starts rolling out for iOS


Microsoft has finally ported the hugely useful scheduling assistant from Outlook for desktop to mobile.

New York & London, 31st Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Scheduling meetings and other business related tasks is quite a handful. And although there are many apps out there that make these kinds of tasks easier, most of them are not available for users on the go. The best example is Outlook for desktop which has a specialized scheduling assistant that allows anyone to set meetings with multiple other personnel, keeping their availability in check.

This feature has been available on desktop for quite a while now. It simplifies the whole approach of setting meetings with your colleagues by reducing the number of actual correspondences you need to have and the amount of manual work you need to do.

All you have to do is create a new event, and add the names of the individuals you wish should be present. The scheduling assistant will take it from there. Just hit the date-picker and keep an eye on the colour of the dateline. If it is green, you’re good to go, everyone is free at that time. In case it’s yellow, some people might be available while others may not. And the worst case scenario is when the highlight is red, that means no one is available at that given time.

This approach is very helpful and many professionals have already been using it. Today, however, Microsoft has started rolling out the feature to iOS users. According to the Redmond giant, the feature is first going to be available only to users who have connected to Office 365 or the latest versions of Exchange.

The company says that Android and Windows 10 Mobile roll outs will follow shortly. We can expect the Android version to start rolling out in a couple of weeks and the Windows 10 Mobile version, a few days later.

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