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Meet Shivangi, who used to sell newspapers and is now an IIT graduate


This UP girl who used sell newspapers, is today an IIT graduate and is able to support her family

New Delhi-Nov 10, 2016. Rednewswire/-

Not every success story touches your heart but this will certainly do. Shivangi, a young girl belonging to Deha, a small village 50 kms away from Kanpur, UP helped her father who used to sell magazines and newspapers. She attended a government school whenever she got free time. One day, she got to know about Anand Kumar, who started an educational programme called Super 30. He helped students belonging to poor families to make it to IIT. She was soon selected for the programme and is today earning for herself and her family.

Shivangi isn’t just hardworking and intelligent, the young girl has gem of a heart. Shivangi took care of Kumar’s ailing mother just like a family member. She stayed up nights for her, sleeping beside her whenever she was unwell. Both Kumar and his mother looked upon Shivangi as their own daughter. She used to call Kumar’s mother ‘dadi’ who wishes that she gives birth to a girl in her next birth.

While sharing this emotional story on social media, Kumar left the readers teary eyed. he wrote about the day when the IIT results were out and Shivangi was leaving for IIT Roorkee. Kumar and his family felt like their own daughter is going away. That day, Shivangi’s father said that people’s dreams often turn into reality but he did not even dream of this moment.

Shivangi is still in touch with Kumar’s family. When they got to know about her job, their happiness had no limits. Kumar’s mother was the happiest and with tears in her eyes, hoped that she is blessed with a daughter in her next birth too.

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