Meet I4S : A Bengaluru-based startup helping to fight infertility & cancer


I4S seeks to helps cancer and infertility patients by providing effective treatment solutions and information

Bengaluru- Nov 6, 2016. Rednewswire/-

A Bengaluru-based Med-tech startup Innov4SIGHT is helping patients by providing them better information and treatment options regarding their problem. The startup has come out with a bunch of solutions to counsel, screen and treat couples suffering from infertility. I4S, that started its operations in 2014, is registered in Bengaluru and Singapore.

According to a 2015 report by Ernst & Young, in India, around 27.5 million couples suffer from infertility. R Vijaygopal, founder of I4S, says “We want to target the 4 million people who can afford fertility treatment.With our line of treatment, the success rates improve and the costs are reduced by 20-30% of a conventional in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment”.

The startup has a mobile app which that suggests improvements in lifestyle to couples who suffer from temporary infertility, it has also developed a wearable device that collects information on physiological basis, the I4S product called Vyable that helps couples to connect and seek treatment through a network of fertility centers. The startup also includes theranostics which provides individualized treatments for infertility problem.

Chief scientific officer of I4S, Vasanthi Palanivel, says, “We have developed a cocktail of growth factors derived from the patient’s own blood, which has so far shown better results than traditional treatment”. The I4S product will be sold to partner fertility centers. The company initiated with a clinical data analytic solution for cancer called ParSight has acquired various business to incorporate healthcare, IT and hardware.

I4S recently merged with OrcaSys, a Pune-based company for hospital, lab-based and clinical solutions. The company has also made an agreement with Merkel Haptics that creates VR-based medical training systems. I4S is supported by N Jay Kaushik, founder of Curatio, a dermatology products manufacturer.

I4S is focused on fertility and oncology for product creation. “The team was strong but it was into multiple product development. It is important that healthcare startups show early success, scale significantly and have a strategy for a few big bang products,” said Kaushik. The company is in talks with investors to expand the sale of its product in  India other South-Asian countries.

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