Meet FamousEnuf, the start-up that lets you barter social media posts for products you love


The first thing that most people do before making a purchase is to search for reviews on social platforms. Not just because it is the best source for getting honest opinions but also because it comes from a sample set which echoes their own needs.

Bangalore – August 27, 2016. RedNewswire/-

This natural extension of everyday human habits is what fuels the Bangalore based startup FamousEnuf, founded in 2016 by ISB and Stanford GSB Global Innovation Program alums Rachita Pandya and Aditya Shah.

It is the only crowd-sourced, word-of-mouth advertising platform that gives everyone, people like you and me, an opportunity to be a brand ambassador for the brands they love.

Users endorse brands they love to their friends on social media platforms, offer friendly advice from their experiences with the brands using FamousEnuf platform and get rewarded by brands.

In this way, it also facilitates brands in automating the creation and promotion of campaigns from their own consumers. Brands barter their own products in exchange for social media posts. Word of mouth is, till today, the best form of advertising, because it is not advertising. It is an honest opinion; we trust our friends and family more than any endorsement.

With social media omnipresent in our lives, everyone is in a position to create a local pocket of influence within her network. This is a hugely untapped market. Of the overall global ad spend of around $600 billion, about 30% is attributed to digital advertising and the share is only set to increase.

As the world is converging towards mobile, mobile ad spends are set to grow at 128% in the next 2-3 years and will account for 92% of new ad spend added to the market. A recent study states that digital advertising is set to overtake TV advertising globally in 2017.

This has set precedence for brands to experiment with new forms of advertising. The consumer has more power than ever before to control the content she wishes to consume. More than 47% users use ad blockers. So, brands need to constantly innovate their approach towards advertising to remain attractive and relevant.

With over 92% people preferring peer reviews over any other form of endorsements, consumers are sending a clear signal to brands for their preferred source of content. They are tired of having ads shoved in their faces. And thus, who better brand ambassadors than consumers themselves.

Using FamousEnuf, content is not only crowd-sourced and hence more attractive, but the recipients of ads are also close friends and family of the campaigner and hence willingly opting in to see these ads. This eliminates forced advertising completely. Rather than the brand chasing the consumer, it is the other way round. It is 100% pure customer focussed platform, poised to disrupt the realm of advertising.

With FamousEnuf, now in 3 simple steps, you can become the new social media celebrity.

Click a photo with products you love, Share with your friends, Get Rewarded with cool branded stuff.

True to its name, it asks the question “Are you Famous Enuf (enough)? ” to be a brand ambassador to the consumers. Riding on the power of social media networks, where everyone is a celebrity within their circles, FamousEnuf gives users a chance to cash in on their social capital. Users can now barter their influence on social media networks, and their creativity, for branded products.

While there are plenty of “influencer marketing” platforms, what sets FamousEnuf apart is its ability to help brands work with “micro-influencers” who are already loyal to them. FamousEnuf aids brands to work with their existing customers. These are everyday consumers with highly engaging friend circles.

This is in stark contrast to the influencer marketing platforms where brands have to “hire” or “rent” influencers who may or may not be loyal to their brand. Moreover, it is usually a onetime thing and brands have a tough time managing a large number of influencers on a spreadsheet. With FamousEnuf, all the hassle is eliminated. Brands get access to a self-serve dashboard where they can manage campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Today it is all about automating activities and driving engagement. It is about making lives easier for users.  Community involvement is paving the future for brands. FamousEnuf realizes the importance of this shift in the trend and shifts the power from a few powerful players to the community at large.

User generated content is the king and FamousEnuf is ensuring it remains so, by tapping into the creativity of the masses rather than just the classes. This process of automating advertising by crowd-sourcing campaign creation and promotion in an organic way, evoking only natural behaviour on both sides is what is most interesting about FamousEnuf. FamousEnuf is to advertising as Uber is to cabs and Kickstarter is to fundraising ; shifting power to the community at large.

FamousEnuf is a global product which really works across any platform and essentially anywhere in the world. The concept of alternate currency is exciting and interesting. It is picking up traction globally. Social currency, though not a new term, is not very well tapped into in the current markets. FamousEnuf argues that why should one use paper currency when you can use your social currency to get products. The founders of FamousEnuf urge, “Say bye to buy”.

FamousEnuf is currently available on Google Play, and will soon be available on App store.

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