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Meet Deena Mehta, India’s first female stockbroker


After 125 years, India gets its first female stockbroker after Deena Mehta is elected BSE’s President 

At a time when India’s stock market is dominated by males, Deena Mehta has broken all stereotypes by becoming the Bombay Stock Exchange’s first female president. Mehta has been working in the stock market from the past 32 years. She is the very first Indian women to be elected on the board of exchange and to achieve such a respected position.

Mehta holds a Post graduation degree in Financial Management and a diploma in Stock Exchange studies from BSE Training Institute. She is also a chartered accountant and has served the BSE as vice president for 2 years.

Mehta always wanted to be businesswoman and was motivated by her husband, Asit C Mehta to enter this field. Since then, she has been completely dedicated towards her work as  finds it extremely exciting and engaging. Mehta says that the inconsistency and surprise element in the stock market still awes her and keeps her going. She believes that inequality of income is a part of every economy but the conditions are much better in Mumbai. The reason being that every person in the city can easily earn money irrespective of their level of education. However, there exists a huge income gap between the top and lowers positions.

Mehta wishes that every home in Mumbai can benefit from the prosperity of stock markets as the returns are much higher than any other investment such as fixed deposits. However, people are unwilling to take extra efforts. She was appointed as the president coincidentally on International Women’s Day. Hence, symbolizing the power of women and battling gender inequality.

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