Meet Bella Devyatkina, a 4-year old Russian girl who knows 7 languages!


4-year-old Russian girl surprised everyone when she spoke fluently in 7 languages at a Reality TV show called ‘Incredible People’

New Delhi-Oct 23, 2016. Rednewswire

While most of the adults consider knowing two languages properly an achievement. This little Russian girl can read and write in 7 languages and what’s more surprising is that she is just 4 years old. Bella Devyatkina belongs to Moscow, Russia who surprised everyone when she fluently spoke seven languages on a TV show.

This smart little girl was a participant in a Russian reality TV show called “Incredible People” where she displayed her incredible talent and stunned both judges and audiences. She easily answered in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Excluding German, the other 6 languages are national languages of United States.

Watch the performance here:

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Without any difficulty, little Bella answered all the questions put up by adults who speak these languages. She also showcased her literary skills by reading out questions in French and English. She also surprised everyone by singing in Spanish.

Bella was awarded with her favourite present, a mermaid costume worn by her beloved Disney character Ariel. Bella’s mother Yulla said that she has been practicing these seven languages from the time she was born and started off with English and Russian. Some credits also goes to her various nannies who spoke different languages and taught her their native languages.

“Such cases are rare but have happened in the past. Language centers in the human brain get switched on at different stages of development,” says a linguistic expert who was present during her performance.

Bella made it to the next round of the competition where the winner can take home a sum of $20,000. She also gained popularity after the video of her performance was largely circulated on the Internet.

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