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Meet the 5 men who dared climbing Australia’s highest mountain in swimwear for charity


Climbing a freezing mountain wearing clothes is already tough enough! But can you do that in briefs?

Rednewswire | 8/19/2016 | Bengaluru

kossies in cossies
Image: Kossies in Cossies

Ben Anderson and his four friends have been brave enough to do conquer Australia’s highest and freezing mountain peak, Mount Kosciuszko, wearing nothing but their briefs.

The group says they were inspired from the famous Dutch man popularly known as “The Iceman” as he could withstand extreme cold and accomplished various feats.

Anderson told Mashable, “We thought you know what, let’s see if we can do that. So in November last year, we thought let’s try and make it up Kosciusko in our swimmers in the middle of winter. And so we started training.”

The group says the began training by taking cold showers, ice baths, and night swims as it was quite difficult to train for a spine-chilling trek in summers. Anderson says, “It’s all about getting the mind and body familiar with what it’s like to be cold. That’s how you’ll survive really.”

Kossies in Cossies
Image: Kossies in Cossies

Anderson said, “The weather is highly unpredictable, and it’s not like we were going to go up in a blizzard. So we had to select the best day out of four days, and the Friday turned out to be the best day.”

Well, even on the best day, the temperature was “minus four degrees Celsius” at the peak and the winds touched 18 miles per hour. Anderson says it was an exhilarating experience for the group.

To keep their body temperature up, the group exercised from time to time while climbing the summit. However, Anderson says that the group won’t be doing a second climb anytime soon.

But, what really drove them to undertake such a task was to raise charity for beyondblue—Australian depression and anxiety charity. But, the feat also proves that anything is possible with resilience and persistence.

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