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Medical device startup Respiratory Innovations gets a grant of $1.3 M


Respiratory Innovations is a medical device company launching Breathe Well System, a product that significantly improves patient outcomes and reduces treatment costs during cancer treatment using radiotherapy. 

Eveleigh, Los Angeles, CA. Oct 14, 2016 20:02 IST. RedNewswire/–

Breathe Well is a monitoring device using optical and infrared sensors that analysed breathing function and provided guidance instructions to patients undergoing movement-sensitive medical procedures, such as lung, breast and liver cancer radiations therapies.

It offers patient-customised guidance for stable breathing to achieve accurate cancer radiation treatment and medical imaging. Breathe Well functionalities include deep inspiration breath holds to move the heart away from the radiation beam in breast cancer radiation therapy, and standard breath holds to achieve stable anatomic positioning in medical imaging.

Breathe Well is compatible across multiple vendors’ CT and linac platforms.

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Eveleigh based Breathe Well was founded in 2014 by Sean Pollock and others. It has raised several rounds of funding that includes first prize money of $588,000 from NHMRC in June 2015. In August 2015 it raised a seed funding of $400,000 from Sydney Seed Fund. In November it raised another round of seed funds from Tech23 which was an undisclosed amount.