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Maptags brings in quick address resolution techniques that enhance your conversion rate


Maptags – The Address Revolution begins 

Every e-commerce, hyperlocal start-up CEO has a dream – to get as many users as possible quickly and go viral, but there is one problem in fulfilling this goal – getting Quality Address Quickly .

Addresses are long , boring and are confusing many times. Entering addresses leads to a bad user experience most of the times.

Customers spend about 2-mins entering address in a typical checkout process which is the most boring and time consuming part of all and it ‘decreases the conversion rate’ as a result.

Studies show typical drop on check-out page alone is as high as 90%, cutting down the address entering time can improve conversion significantly.

The logic is simple- More Time customers spend on checkout page lesser the conversion

That’s not all, when customers make mistakes in entering the addresses, delivery guys suffer. Incorrect addresses means increased inefficiencies

  •  lots of time spent chasing correct addresses or
  •  outright non- deliveries

Our 2-Part Solution

By using our Address API ( try the demo ) , your customers will simply type the first few letters of their Apartment name ( or PGs or colleges ) and can find similar apartment names (similar to google auto-complete) to simply select from dropdowns.


we have mapped 1.5 Lakh apartments across all Indian metros, 5,000+ PGs , 5000+ colleges ensuring we cover 80-90% of your typical online shopping audience

After selecting their Apartment, they simply need to enter the block and flat nos.  They can also check the accuracy of their apartment names by looking at the Maptag and other details



This complete address with Geo ( lat , long) will be shared with you , which means your delivery guys don’t have to suffer.


Second part

After your customers have entered their apartment, block and flat numbers, our system generates an instant Maptag ( more on Maptag ) for them to use ( for ex: ,which is free for life)

This Maptag can be used in many ways

  • used on your platform next time ( or our 100s of partner sites) for an instant checkout
  • to invite their friends to their place etc ( 11 reasons to get your maptag  )

Bottom line

  • 5-15% increase in conversion rate owing to faster checkout
  • 5-15% decrease in delivery costs 
  • 10-20% increase in speed of delivery 

Overall 10-20% improvement in bottom line

How Maptags works ?

Maptags is ushering a new era of addressing where the need for writing long addresses simply disappears , just like how domain names replaced the ip-addresses , Maptags will replace will the long boring address with a short, stylish tag.

Any address can be tied to a word ,lets say the address and location of  your house/ office is tied to ‘thefuture’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address pop-ups with precise driving directions, further on  a maptag pictures can be attached that can help you in the last 10 meters of your journey , like the pictures of landmarks , pictures than can indicate where to turn right or left, even pictures of the final destination like an interview room etc



When the url is opened , the full address along with pictures shows up that can help people reach the location in a super accurate way

The simple idea gives enormous convenience to covert the long boring address into a short tag that carries address , exact co-ordinates  and picture information.

You can run a small demo by opening this link  Maptags DEMO and entering an apartment name of your choice in the box and by selecting from the following results.

Maptags API is an extremely  simple to implement that returns data in  JSON format.


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