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MagicStick – another Indian Startup raises 62 lakhs in just 4 days through Crowd-funding

MagicStick – another Indian Startup raises 62 lakhs in just 4 days through Crowd-funding

In a recent news posted by Red Newswire, a Kochi based Indian Startup “Exploride” has raised a whopping $5,12,718 (Rs 3.36 crore) in 40 days for a Kochi-based start-up is a feat achieved by no other company in India. Incubated at Startup Village, Exploride — an Augmented Reality integrated Head Up Display — raised over $5 lakh through crowd-funding at the end of the funding period on October 2.

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MagicStick - high speed, multi-dimensional WiFi connectivity
MagicStick – high speed, multi-dimensional WiFi connectivity.

Whereas, an another Bangalore based Startup by IITians named Magicstick, has raised a whooping 62 lakhs in just first 4 days of its launch on Oct 1, 2015. Magicstick was launched via Red Newswire’s Press Release Network worldwide. Magicstick is raising the funds via the crowdfunding platform “” . Magicstick still has 36 days for the campaign to conclude & it is expected to beat “Exploride” (which the First Indian Startup to raise Rs.3.36 crore in 40 days) in the next few days.

With the speed at which Magicstick is being backed by audience, with a fundraising of Rs. 62 lakhs in just 4 days, it is estimated to raise Rs. 6.2 crore in 40 days at the end of the campaign. It is highly expected to create an another record of Fundraising through Crowd-funding. The crowdfunding campaign is active on and it can be viewed here

MagicStick recently launched its flagship PC Stick which is thought to be the world’s “most powerful” and “most handy” computer you can get in a standard PC stick. With a 16 core Gen8 GPU at its core, MagicStick allows you to turn your TV from an idle box to a very powerful computer. MagicStick has been dubbed as “fastest PC on TV” and is capable of streaming even 4K Ultra HD videos, and copying files at blazing fast speeds through USB 3.1 that is not known of any device till now.

What’s the innovation found by backers in Magicstick ?

MagicStick is also the first device to use Intel’s newest Cherry Trail 14 nm processor featuring Quad Core CPU, 16 core GPU, 8 GB RAM, USB 3.1 and 3.0, HDMI 2.0 and upto 128 GB internal flash storage. It offers you two memory expansion options – MicroSD up to 128 GB or connecting an external hard disk. Packed into a small space equivalent to the size of two fingers, the device has high sensitivity dual antenna (10 Dbi), Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band support.

MagicStick comes preloaded with Android Lollipop and Windows 10 (trial version), plus it supports Linux variants (Ubuntu, Fedora etc.) too. The Reset button on the device allows you to convert MagicStick into a storage mode, therefore; you can connect to a computer and copy your data giving you an easy back up in case of OS failures.

Ambuj Kumar, founder and chief architect, says

“We created MagicStick because all existing computer on stick had left gap and people were not happy with all the variants of computer stick that are currently on the market.”

Apart from watching 4k videos, the device allows one to play resource intensive games, mirror your mobile and use your favorite apps on the big screen.

With many achievements to its name, MagicStick is also the fastest Wi-Fi device capable of delivering upto 1 Gbps speed, which is 8-10 times greater than what current market has to offer. It utilizes the beam forming technology to make sure you get connected to the Wi-Fi router for streaming very high quality video content over Wi-Fi. Apart from videos, you can even stream video games. By virtue of its highly sensitive antenna, MagicStick can pick up even the weakest of the Wi-Fi signals. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi services can be used simultaneously. The USB 3.1 technology doesn’t take more than a minute to transfer your 20 GB HD Blu-ray movies which is 25 times faster than the current standards. The device requires close to 7 seconds to boot up and makes sure Windows booting time will no more be boaring.

A dedicated app has been included to allow MagicStick to be controlled by your smartphone, thus turning your phone into a remote control for the MagicStick as well as your TV. The app also allows users to switch between the Device mode and the Computer mode. The MagicStick is also and IOT device that will allow users to control it through cellphone in the passive mode. MagicStick has been designed for adults, kids, gamers and developers – in short, for everyone who wants their TV to be more useful like a computer.

Niraj Kumar, another co-founder says,

“We are extremely proud to introduce MagicStick- a new, affordable and most powerful gadget for the next generation of families, businessmen, and students, providing more capabilities than ever before for entertainment and educational need and to improve quality of life.”

For developers, MagicStick can run IDEs, code editors and render graphics ranging from light to heavy GPU-hungry games. Applications like Adobe Photoshop and Autocad can also be installed and used. The device is extremely light to carry and can encourage BYOD i.e., Bring Your Own Device culture at work adding to productivity and flexibility. The processor’s power consumption is extremely low – 2 watts. Overall the device uses less than 5 watts of power leaving a very low carbon footprint. This makes the device incredibly environment friendly too. Further the body of the MagicStick has been designed with heat dissipating material. Because of its Aero-Dynamical structure and passive cooling technology the device maintains a safe temperature range of 65-70 degree Celsius which eliminates the need for cooling fans.

Ambuj says, “MagicStick is an incredibly exciting IOT device, with massive potential and huge power. It’s sleek, quick, and super streamlined, hugely portable, pet and child friendly and addresses many of the issues that plague users of existing computer on stick.”

MagicStick is currently being offered in 5 colors and three variants – MagicStick One, Magicstick Wave and the third variant is yet to be named. The products are up for a grab at heavy discount prices on However, for now MagicStick is also giving an early bird offer of $99 and $229 respectively for the two models. Check out the model specifications on

MagicStick can be pre-ordered from Indiegogo starting today, though the company will start shipping this December.