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Local delivery service startup Scootsy raises $3.6M in Series A founding round from Angus Capital and Khattar Holdings


Mumbai : Scootsy, a local delivery service startup, by Ant Farm has raised $3.6 Mn in Series A funding round led by Agnus Capital and Khattar Holdings.

The funds raised will be used to improve customer experience by strengthening its logistics, technologies and delivery platform.

It offers local delivery of groceries, gifts, sports goods, clothes from boutiques, toys, sweets, cakes, stationery and other essentials besides restaurant food in Mumbai.

The company was founded in July 2015 by Sandeep Das, Sanjay Ghai, Rishi Khiani and Sunil Saraf. Scootsy will also start a service that will deliver food to corporate offices across the city within minutes.

Ant Farm acquired Meals On Wheels – a food ordering & delivery venture in Nov 2014, merged with Scootsy making 300-350 delivers and 550+ vendors listed on platform as of Feb 2015. The platform also functions as a marketplace that allows customers to discover new and trending products. Scootsy even facilitates late night cravings by delivering till 3 am.

The company claims that food delivery constitutes almost 60% of its business with the rest made up of gifts, flowers and services delivery.

Scootsy now has a customer base of over 200,000 since its launch July 2015. The company claims that it has average order size of above Rs 900.

It tied up with India Book Distributors to deliver books in 60 minutes and Google’s Aero app.

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