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LifeSite Introduces Family Collaboration Solution

LifeSite Introduces Family Collaboration Solution

LifeSite Vault™ Plus helps families co-manage and securely share personal information online.

June 15, 2016 (MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) / Red Newswire.

Tech startup LifeSite is responding to individuals’ and families’ requests for secure collaboration with their introduction of LifeSite VaultTM Plus, the company’s first paid subscription product.

Unveiled in November as the secure web-based solution for storing all of life’s vital information and documents, LifeSite Vault Basic received rave reviews from cybersecurity experts, digital media and consumers alike. Avid fans of their new central life record, LifeSite Vault users wanted a way to securely connect, co-manage and share personal information with family members and trusted advisors.

“We are confident that once users try the new features of LifeSite Vault Plus, they will wonder how they ever lived without it,” says LifeSite CEO Chris Wong.

LifeSite offers a free 30-day trial so that everyone can try LifeSite Vault Plus risk free. Also, for a limited time, users can take advantage of a 50% discount off of the regular $80 annual fee if they sign up for a LifeSite Vault Plus subscription. LifeSite Vault Basic is free. The new “Manage Collaborators” function allows users to set permissions to both co-manage information with a partner and selectively share with up to four trusted sub users: family members, friends, advisors, etc. LifeSite Vault Plus provides fully customizable access to share life’s most important information with the ones who matter most. Users can designate “view only” or “edit” access for each category of

information they wish to co-manage with a partner user, or can choose to “block” certain categories. Under each paid subscription, the invited partner user and sub users will have to register for LifeSite Vault to gain access to collaborate, but they will not have to pay to enter. Invited users will only be charged if they wish to open a LifeSite Vault Plus account for themselves.

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“We created LifeSite Vault to facilitate everyday personal information sharing amongst trusted family members, as well as provide peace of mind for our own families,” explains Chris Wong, LifeSite CEO. “As a father of four and son of two aging parents, my wife and I are using LifeSite Vault Plus to co-manage, organize, share and discover important/sensitive personal information in the cloud. We are moving important family info out of ’mom and dad’s head’ and from ’under the mattress’. We believe in doing this for all families, around the world.”

“Data can’t protect itself, and I salute LifeSite for providing a secure solution for users all over the globe that I know military families will appreciate,” praises Juan Martinez, human resources management/employee development specialist, U.S. Army Reserve. LifeSite Vault provides intuitive solutions to organize, categorize, manage and safely

share information accumulated through every phase of life – a digital vault for life’s information, all in one safe place. Additionally, the companion LifeSite Vault mobile app provides convenient, secure 24/7 access from any mobile device and is available for download on all popular mobile operating systems, including Apple iOS, and Android.

LifeSite has combined secure information access and controlled, permission-based sharing with high-level document encryption and security, to provide safe and smart digital storage solutions. LifeSite Vault encrypts all data during both transmission and storage, and each user’s encryption key is as unique as they are — no two users share the same key. Each user manages their own access, and can customize the access of their partner user and sub users, including friends, family members or trusted advisors.

“The collaborative features of LifeSite Vault Plus help our clients share their documentation with us simply and efficiently,” says Jay Fong, CFP®, CERTIFIED.

FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, and managing partner, Concentrum Wealth Management. “LifeSite is assisting us in our client interactions so we can provide superior service.” “We have evolved into a highly mobile society. For too long our vital information was not as mobile as our lifestyle. That has changed with LifeSite,” says Morgan Wright,

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international cyber security expert and national advisor on cyberterrorism. “By obsessing on security from the start, LifeSite has separated itself from other solutions.” LifeSite Vault guides users with easy prompts for entering and encrypting information in different categories such as personal, medical, people, pets, online accounts, career,

finances, property, insurance and legal – and provides convenient features to enter, attach and share information and documents. LifeSite Vault Plus also facilitates controlled collaboration with family members and advisors, and lets users establish backup contacts, who will be alerted of account inactivity after a designated time period selected by the user. With the additional features included in LifeSite Vault Plus, a trusted family member or loved one can access key personal information anywhere, any time the need arises.

About LifeSite

Based in Silicon Valley, LifeSite was created to inspire and empower people by connecting their head and their heart — providing personal peace of mind today, and for family and loved ones tomorrow. LifeSite’s secure, convenient, and smart web-based solutions help individuals, families and “life networks” store, organize and access the most important information in their life, anytime, anywhere. With security as their first priority, LifeSite combines secure file access and controlled, permission-based sharing with high-level document encryption and security, to provide safe and smart digital storage solutions.

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