Lensho.com a photography startup, alters your life by holding it still

Lensho is a sleek, professional website to showcase all your photography and facilitate the sale of your photographs.You set your own pricing and earn a massive 100% royalty fee on any of your pictures.

In addition to this Lensho is a trading place where individuals/ employers can post their requirements for a particular kind of photograph for their Magazine, Article brief, Ad campaign, Marketing Collateral, Blog or Website or for their own personal use.


Photography is the art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. From wildlife to landscapes, environmental portraits, architectural to interiors.
With the advent of digital cameras and smart phones, even those who aren’t very good at photography never had a better time and fun having a go at capturing those few special moments.Show the world the potential of your creativity. Simply shoot and showcase your best clicks out here; quote your desired price and make instant money here on Lensho.com.

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