Key Copying Service – KeyMe ensures you never get locked out again


Key Copying Service – KeyMe ensures you never get locked out again

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Jan 18, 2016 Last Updated at 5:00 PM IST.

Losing keys or forgetting where you kept them and getting locked out is a nightmare. Here’s a startup KeyMe that ensures you never have to go through this nightmare.

KeyMe has recently received a backing of $20 million for its key copying service. It allows you to scan your key via in-store kiosk or mobile app and creates a digital copy of it. And whenever you want a key, it ships you one! How simple!

Not just ordinary house keys, it can also copy car keys with transponder chips.

Greg Marsh, CEO of KeyMe says his goal is “disrupting the locksmith industry” by creating a convenient, affordable and accurate key copying service.

When humans copy keys, the biggest mistake they make is selecting the correct blank key.

Marsh says, “You have these very subtle differences that distinguish all these thousands of key types, making it very hard for a person to correctly classify keys.”

To make this classification, KeyMe relies on neural networks and artificial intelligence. As a result of which Marsh says that the traditional locksmiths make 15-20% errors and KeyMe just reduces this to a single digit percent.

The service even allows you to personalize your keys. At the KeyMe kiosks, however you need to use your fingerprint to unlock your saved keys.

Previously, the company had raised $10.1 million funding. The latest $20 million funding was driven by Comcast Ventures, Battery Ventures, 7- Ventures, Ravin Gandhi and White Star Capital and others.

Marsh said, “We’ve spent a couple of years dialing in the technology, building partnerships … really getting a product that resonates with the consumer.”