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If you are looking to make your career in hospital administration, then ICRI India will be correct choice and option to choose. Our staff is well qualified and provide in-depth knowledge of the domain.

Delhi, 18th January 2018

Hospital Administration Courses and Classes Overview

Hospital administrators keep the hospital running competently and lead the nurses, doctors and other professionals who work there. Courses in hospital administration are commonly taken during a complete undergraduate or graduate degree program. We at ICRI India provide a brilliant platform for the students to deliver them with the diverse categories of courses.

Essential Information

Hospital administration courses cover classes which are available at all levels of college education. Degree programs presenting hospital administration courses comprise those in health care administration and those in business administration with healthcare administration attentiveness. In general, hospital administrators want to possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree and have work involvement in healthcare.
Bachelor’s and master’s programs focusing on health care administration share comparable business courses geared toward the healthcare industry. Students take courses in organizational management principles, financial management, human resources management and information systems. They also absorb about health care delivery systems and the countless laws that apply to running a healthcare facility.

Here are some common concepts taught in hospital administration courses:

• Healthcare research techniques
• Organizational behavior and communication
• Teamwork in healthcare organizations
• Statistics technology in healthcare
• Healthcare economics
• Risk management

There are innumerable courses that our team of expert professional’s takes pride in offering you with and our teaching methods is nothing comparable to other big brands institutes like iihmr Jaipur.

About Us

ICRI is the Country’s foremost Clinical Research Institute which is completely intensive on particular Clinical Research Programs.

We work with a mission to provide a sovereign global framework for international education, training, and interchange of information for Clinical Research Professionals and to adoptive professional distinction in design and implementation of clinical research, thereby contributing to augmenting the Clinical Research culture in India.

Apart from carrying in the fresh face of Clinical Research, we also aim to deliver the students with:

• Recognized as a centre of brilliance and become a pioneering institution in encouraging ethical Clinical Research in the country.
• Provide a pep talk to the development of Clinical Research in the country.
• Provide an international framework for international education and to accomplish professional distinction, thereby augmenting Clinical Research culture in India.
• Embolden Clinical Research methodologies and start PhD program in Clinical Research.
• Keep Indian Clinical Research Industry up-to-date of changing times.
• Amalgamate the highest academic standards with importance to the needs to present business and commercial policies.
• Team up with organizations at national and international levels in zones of research, training, seminars and conferences.
• Symbolize the interests of Clinical Research Professionals in the country and make sure that India does not hold up in maintaining the internationally prearranged morals of Clinical Ethics.

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