Job-matching startup “Hired” wants job hunting to be like dating


Job-matching startup “Hired” wants job hunting to be like dating

Hired, a job-matching startup, compares itself with online dating services, but in the employment sector. Founded in 2012, the San Francisco-based startup matches candidates with companies. Several dating apps exist in market such as Tinder. However, Hired is more like Raya — a very choosy app. Hired has reversed the hiring process. For a candidate, it was the norm to apply to multiple companies with little or no response from none. But, on Hired, the companies look for pre-assessed match.

The Hired platform deploys machine-learning algorithms that eliminate guessing game and make better matches. Mehul Patel, CEO of Hired, told mashable that candidates are isted based on their skills, education, location, GitHub code, work experience, etc. A major part of matching profiles is algorithmic. Pate said that about 40,000 aspirants apply to be listed, but only 5-8% are taken.

The platform is being used by approximately 6000 companies globally. Hired has recently raised $40 million series C funding. The startup is also working toward overcoming hiring bias. It has introduced bias filters into the system that hides the photo of a person and avoid judging. Women getting lower salaries than their male counterparts is quite common. To overcome these bias, Hired provides a taent advocate to each candidate serves as a dedicated coach for the candidate. The startup has 30% women candidates.

Currently, Hired operates in in UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia, and Singapore and is also planning to expand to Asia and central Europe. Patel said the company is also looking to add more job categories apart from engineering, sales, and marketing.