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Jewellery Design Guide: How to Choose the best gold Accessories to complete your look


It is officially the season of jewelry shopping because there are special sales on Valentine’s Day. If you are shopping, you are looking for that perfect heart pendant online that will define your love. Nevertheless, we will tell you how to choose the best gold accessories to complete your look and how you can shop better in places.  

Now it goes without saying that gold is money and it is one of the smartest investments you can make in the jewelry industry. There are a few latest diamond pendant designs you can look at and you may not like them so much but when it is with gold, it practically exudes luxury and class. It also signifies that you are financially stable. There are so many meanings to buy gold jewelry but if you want to purchase it for basic emotional purposes, you can do that too.  

Now with so much confusion and such high prices, you need to know how to buy the perfect gold accessories for your looks. 

Here are a few things you need to do before you get into the details of purchasing the gold accessories.  

Evaluation of the gold quality 

This is the most important thing to do because when you pay for a pure gold necklace, you want them to be unadulterated and fine. So, you have a few exquisite pieces of jewelry in gold that are made of 24 karats solid gold but you also have gold plated jewelry. You need to know the difference between these two too.  

So, gold filled jewelry means that the jewelry is filled with gold. The metallic mixture which is the alloy is made of gold and other metals to give it a few other properties to create a tough metal. Now, some people prefer gold alloys over gold plated jewelry for a lot of reasons. 

For starters, it is the second most valuable type after the pure 24-carat gold. Then they do not tarnish or fade or chip off and they also change colors over time. They are known as timeless pieces too.  

Gold plated jewelry means that the plating is quite thin but they are readily available. So, you can choose your pick.  

Choose the type of alloy 

When you are buying gold accessories, you need to know some basic gold alloys like yellow gold, which is the most common kind. 

Then you have white gold which is like the brighter version of silver. It is popular as engagement rings and they are special two tones jewelry items too. 

Then you have rose gold which has a pinkish tone to it and it has only 58.5% purity. It is quite famous among millennials. 


Hence, you have to figure out the gold quality, the type of alloy you want, and how pure your gold is. These are some of the common factors that you have to consider. Of course, there is the price too before you think of buying any gold accessory.