is blue the new black ?
Photo Courtesy: The Guardian

In the event that you need to include an energizing and progressive look to yourself or your house or anywhere, consider using blue. Dark or light as per your need or taste, the color blue has a style of its own. Actually, numerous decorators and fashion experts consider it to be the “new black.” Include a fresh and energizing look with the color blue.

  • Why blue? – There are various points of interest to picking blue over black. Despite of it being absolutely a fresh and bright shade, its gentler look can make it simpler to mix stress shades delightfully together. Case in point, blue with cool connotations could make a delicate and rich look.
  • Make Visual Excitement with blue – Despite the fact that you may love the visual energy that black can make inside a room; here and there dark can make a lot shading differentiation. While blue will give a lot of visual difference, it’s somewhat milder shading can be all the more engaging.
  • Goes well with unpretentious furniture – One or all the more enlivening stresses in blue can add a look of class to a room. As a fresh shade, it can include excellent tone contrast without meddling with the general shading plan. You can likewise utilize charcoal shaded designing stresses to mix two distinctive shading plans together.
  • Stabilizes your mood – Believe or not, according to psychological studies, blue can make your mood instantly calm. A person under stress can instantly release his/her tensions with the color blue.
  • It looks fabulous – Be it your working place, an intimate get together, a wedding reception or even a red carpet event, blue goes well with every event. Blue is elegant and classy yet cool and refreshing.