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Ion Energy Labs raises undisclosed angel funding from Aakrit Vaish & two others


Ion Energy Labs is a stealth mode energy storage company

Ion Energy is a stealth mode start-up in the domain of energy storage using lithium-ion batteries that can be used by Inventors, hobbyists and OEMs to build high-performance applications.

It has raised an undisclosed angel funding from Aakrit Vaish, Founder of Nippo Batteries, Sushil Jiwarajka, Chairman of OMC Power and & Swapan Rajdev, Founders of Haptik and executives from Times Internet.

The funds will be used in product development and bringing the technology closer to mass manufacturing.

Mumbai-based ION Energy was  founded in 2016 by Akhil Aryan. The startup is building a layer of infrastructure to enable the adoption of electric vehicles in India.

The company uses Lithium -Ion batteries that can be used for high performance energy storage. These Batteries are made available to their anchor partner OEMs to build high-performance applications and to reduce 40-45 per cent upfront costs to their end customers.

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