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Instagram seems to be testing a ‘Live Video’ feature


A Russian website has spotted what seems to be a version of Instagram that allows people to stream live videos

Moscow, 22nd Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Instagram is the go-to graphics app of this era. Sharing photos and videos has never been as popular as now, all thanks to Instagram. But there were a few features that still needed to be integrated into this service to make it better.

After the photo-sharing app got acquired by Facebook, earlier this year, we saw a bunch of amazing features land on it. But if there was one feature that Facebook boasted but Insta didn’t have yet, it was Live Video, i.e. the ability to stream videos live from anywhere at anytime.

This service has been live on Facebook for a while now. And many popular titles have even used it multiple times over the past few months. It now seems as if Insta is taking a lesson from its father-company and implementing live video into its mobile app.

According to a Russian publication called T Journal’s, a reader sent in, what appears to be screenshots and a video of a curious icon lined up with Instagram Stories. Looking closely, you can see the ‘Live‘ tab on top of the picture. Clicking on it leads to a popular live broadcasts page, but we don’t have access to any content yet.

The company hasn’t made any official announcements regarding this service, yet. And the only place it has been spotted in is Russia. Live video has been one of the most wanted and asked for feature on Instagram. We dont’t quite know when the feature will land officially, but it will be interesting to see how long Insta actually takes to port the feature into its app worldwide. We’ll keep you updated on that, so stay tuned!

Image credit: Avira Blog