India’s First Portal Dedicated to Para-sports Launched


Mumbai student, Saachi Munot behind this unique non-profit initiative

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Oct 5th,2017. (Source: PTI /The Nation’s Pride).

In a bid to create awareness about para-sports and provide a platform to para-sportspersons to narrate their stories of triumph and adversity,, the country’s first portal dedicated to para-sports was launched here today.

Saachi Munot, Founder, The Nation’s Pride
Saachi Munot, Founder, The Nation’s Pride is a non-profit initiative, helmed by 17-year-old Mumbai student and sports enthusiast, Saachi Munot.

The portal brings readers inspiring stories of Indian para-sportspersons, who have consistently delivered stellar performances on domestic and global arenas alike, but whose stories have largely gone untold or unheard. The portal, through its regular updates and incisive analysis, aims to evolve into the point of first reference for all para-sports related news and information, besides, serve as a bridge between India’s vibrant and accomplished para sporting community and the society at large.

The portal features interviews with para-sportspersons, news and articles on para-sports, and information on upcoming para sporting events. The content is topical and offers holistic insight into the lives and accomplishments of Indian para-sportspersons and the broader evolving para-sports landscape in the country.

At the launch, Saachi said “With this initiative, I hope for para-sports to get better represented in the sports fabric of our society. The inspiring stories of para-sportspersons on our portal will go a long way in not only celebrating their achievements, and drawing inspiration from them, but also in sensitizing society to their needs and removing taboos and misconceptions about disability. As a non-profit, I am relying on voluntary contribution by way of original content to make this portal sustainable and up with the times. I am hoping to motivate others to join this movement with me, and I am deeply thankful  to  those para-sportspersons, volunteers, sponsors and well-wishers who have agreed to  spare  their time and effort in this important initiative.”

The website design is the result of a mobile-first approach that allows to deliver a consistent experience for sports fans across computers, tablets or handsets. The website was made pro-bono by Ideate Labs, Mumbai.  

About Saachi Munot

Hi, I am Saachi, Class XII student and sports enthusiast based in Mumbai. I have been working with our differently abled fellow citizens for the past 2-3 years. As a sportsperson myself, I was naturally drawn to their sporting accomplishments. Fascinated by their accomplishments, but disappointed that they haven’t got the community mindshare due to them, I started Through this, not only do I hope to do my bit to promote the cause of para-sports in India and celebrate the achievements of our country’s accomplished para-sportspersons, but also provide a platform to all like minded people to join the cause. It is a voluntary cause, but let me assure you, it is every bit fulfilling and noble. So, come, join us through your contributions and suggestions. You may e-mail your editorial contributions to

About The Nation’s Pride

The Nation’s Pride is India’s first portal dedicated to para-sports. The portal features interviews with para-sportspersons, news and articles on para-sports, and information on upcoming para sporting events. The portal aims to increase awareness about para-sports, and bring to fore the many inspiring stories and accomplishments of India’s accomplished para-sportspersons, and provide a platform for their voice. The Nation’s Pride is a non-profit initiative and relies on voluntary editorial contributions.

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