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Indian startups to now make your odd jobs easy


Startups in India are now tying up with small vendors to easily make available all your early morning needs at your doorstep

Chennai-Oct 16, 2016. Rednewswire/-

There are many jobs which we have to do on daily basis like buying milk, newspapers, flowers for Pooja, water cans, groceries, meat, ironed clothes. But worry not startups will make these services available at your doorstep by 6 AM everyday. A number of mobile applications like Daily Ninja, Raincan and Morning cart are now stepping into the business.

Today, in India, these jobs are mostly handled by a number of small vendors in each area. Various mobile apps will now link a plethora of these vendors, push cart services and small shops to make it convenient for people to run their daily errands.

How they work?

According to Anuj Bishnoi, co founder of Morning cart which is one such Bangalore based mobile app, the mobile app lets your vendor know if you do not need their services for a day  or you may want to increase the quantity if products like milk if you are having guests. There won’t be any problem with change and you can use your debit/card card for micro payments.

Beating competition and traffic, these apps operate only between 5 am-7 am and provide services primarily to people who have to go to work. Co founder of Daily Ninja, Sagar Yarnalkar, says that many online grocery stores do not operate till 9 am -10 am at a time when office-goers are in a hurry or may have already left for office. As a result, the startup wanted to advance the network of small morning vendors using technology. There is no traffic early morning so the business is made easy.

Mobile app, Daily Ninja has over 10,000 orders everyday across Bangalore. It handles a network of about 120 vendors. Raincan founded by an alumni of IIT, Munendra Singh and Abhijeet Kumar functions out of Delhi. These startup companies have their own small warehouses from where the vendors can collect the supplies. According to Anuj Bishnoi, the distributors can earn additional revenue through the tie-up. For example, the milkmen only supplies milk, but if he ties up with them he can also supply groceries, meat and other personal care products by knowing about your requirements through the mobile app.

What makes them stand out?

These apps also solve a big problem of having change by offering payment option on the basis of subscription. Daily Ninja has a closed wallet system for customers and vendors. Though they also provide COD, most of the customers prefer paying through card or wallet.

“Earlier collection was a hassle for both customers and vendors. Not having the right change or not being able to meet the customer. It used to take minimum 2-3 trips to the same apartment for milk vendors to get payments from all tenants. Complaints of being over-charged or under-paid can longer happen – as everything gets tracked – every delivery, every payment,” says Bishnoi.

These startup also don’t have a minimum order limitation which is a big problem with other websites. According to Yarnalkar, there is no replacement of existing vendors with their own delivery guys. they are just boosting the existing the existing by introducing new technology. Hence the delivery cost charged by them is only Rs 3 per order as compared to Rs 50- Rs 60 charged by other service providers.

“We are the most sustainable and efficient players in the market as we are not operating on the ground. Its existing players who are rewarding us and customers because they are on our mobile platform.” Yarnalkar says.

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