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City Union Bank develops India’s first banking robot ‘Lakshmi’


Lakshmi can answer all the queries of the customers in a simple and interactive way. It can answer question related to 125 subjects

Chennai-Nov 11, 2016. Rednewswire/-

India’s very first robot named ‘Lakshmi‘ made its debut in Chennai on Thursday. The robot is launched by the City Union Bank. Lakshmi is the country’s first bank-helper robot. Apart from being intelligent, fast and interactive, the robot has amazing features which will be very beneficial for both the bank staff and customers. India’s top private bank, HDFC tested Lakshmi for humanoid features to answers their customer queries.

At present, the bank only possesses a single robot but expects to ready 25-30 robots for its main branches by the end of this year. The bank planned to debut Lakshmi at its key branch in  T. Nagar but due to severe rush due to demonetization it cannot launch the robot until Monday.

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What makes ‘Lakshmi’ intelligent?

Lakshmi can effectively answer queries related to 125 subjects! The robot which took 6 months to develop answers your questions in a very casual and simpler fashion unlike other robots. It answers your queries in English in a very gestural and lively manner, similiar to a normal human conversation. Lakshmi can solve your queries related to bank balance, interest rates, bank facilities etc.

The robot is also capable of learning and improvising by interacting more with the customers. The more it interacts the better it becomes. Lakshmi doesn’t just answer your questions, it is also capable of flashing the answer on its screen based on the confidentiality of your query. If a customer wants to know about their banking transactions, bank balance or bank history, Lakshmi won’t shout out the answer but will instead flash the answer on its screen. Hence, making no compromise with your security.

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If anyhow the robot is unable answer your query, she will ask you to take the branch manager’s help. This is how the bank will keep a record of all the questions the robot failed to answer and accordingly make technical improvements. Reportedly, in the coming months, City Union will program the robot so that it greets bank customers in Tamil language.  “We are also looking at enabling it so that it can service visually challenged individuals. Worldwide very few banks employ robots at branches and we want to bring a whole new experience to India,” says N Kamakodi, CEO, City Union.

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