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India among top 10 markets for Avaya globally

India among top 10 markets for Avaya globally

Communications solutions provider Avaya India is bullish on the local market and claims it is among the top growth drivers for the company globally, a top company official said.

Dec 8, 2017. Bengaluru, India (Source: Avaya/PTI)

Avaya’s US operations had undergone financial restructuring following bankruptcy due to high debt. 

“India is among the top 10 markets for Avaya. Its operations here are already profitable and we are looking at a revenue growth of 15 per cent annually”, the MD of Avaya India, Vishal Agrawal, said.

He said the company is deeply engaged with the smart cities project of the government, while businesses are also being generated from BFSI, large BPOs, mobile and internet service providers, citizen-centric services, emergency response system, e-commerce and start-ups.

With an employee strength of over 2,000, the MD said 35 per cent of the global R&D for the company is done from India.

Agrawal said the Indian operation is financially self-sufficient and not dependent on the US.

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Avaya India also serves the markets of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, he said.

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