Incessant Advances in Autoantibody Testing create Lucrative Avenues in Autoimmune Disease Diagnostic Market

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The global autoimmune disease diagnostic market is projected to rise at a healthy pace over the years. The growth is driven primarily by the rising incidence and prevalence of a wide spectrum of autoimmune diseases in various populations, especially in developing and developed nations. The rising co-morbidities of certain autoimmune diseases has intensified the need for diagnostic tests and technologies. The variety of current laboratory tests required for the diagnosis of various autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), ankylosing spondylitis, is a notable factor accentuating the market.

The availability of potential efficacious therapies for rheumatoid arthritis has bolstered the need for the diagnostic tests. The potential of diagnostics to estimate the severity of autoimmune diseases helps patients in getting assess to effective prognosis and their management. The use of comprehensive laboratory testing in conjunction with exhaustive clinical evaluation is a notable aspect boosting the market.

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Over the years, notable advancements in diagnostic technologies leading to rapid and high-throughput detection techniques, notably antigen microarrays and mass spectrometry, have opened substantial lucrative avenues in the market. This has lowered the overall cost of diagnosis and increased affordability of these testing with the requirement of less reagents than before. Relentless research into the causes of autoimmune diseases and numerous clinical laboratory studies of patients in recent years are expanding the potential of their diagnosis.

The significant stride made by inflammatory markers as potential disease diagnostic in recent years is aiding in the rapid expansion of the market. Recent advances made by autoantibody testing for autoimmune disease bode well for the prognosis and management of numerous autoimmune diseases. Together with the laboratory exam of complete blood count, autoantibody testing is expected to dominate the market segmented on the basis of type over the assessment period. Other key diagnostic tests are antinuclear antibody, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C – reactive protein Tests, comprehensive metabolic panel, and urinalysis.

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The use of the various diagnostic tests to determine the severity of organ damage due to autoimmune diseases is also a notable factor catalyzing the growth of the market. Advancements in flow cytometry devices may also favor the growth.

The key regional markets for autoimmune disease diagnostic comprise North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of World (RoW). Of these, Europe and North America are potentially lucrative markets and expected to rise at a substantial growth rate over the years. Technological advances in laboratory testing for autoimmune diseases and the rising incidence of these diseases are factors supporting the growth of these regional markets. Giant strides made in proteomic techniques are unlocking new, exciting prospects in the global market.

Companies expected to hold a sizeable share in the global market include Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., Quest Diagnostics, bioMerieux SA, EUROIMMUN AG, Roche Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers, and Abbott Laboratories.

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