IIT Bombay E-Summit & Impact Guru Host The First Crowdpitch Competition 2017


MUMBAI, INDIA, 24, JANUARY 2017. RedNewswire/-

Impact Guru, India’s leading crowdfunding platform for non-profits, social enterprises, and individuals is delighted to be hosting the Crowdpitch Competition 2017 alongside The Entrepreneurship Cell and IIT Bombay.

The challenge will be providing India’s most upcoming startups a platform to present their innovative ideas, products and services and the opportunity to pitch at the IITB E-Summit Event on the 28th January 2017 at IITB Powai, Mumbai.

Battling it out via crowdfunding on Impact Guru online, the first prize winner of the challenge will take away 20,000INR, the second prize of 10,000INR and third prize of 5000INR, providing the startups meet the minimum criteria and unique customer count.

Additionally, participants have the opportunity to take away the add-on social media guru award and the popular campaign award.

Not only does this allow the startups to leverage the power of the Internet to raise maximum capital, it also allows pre-sale of the startup product and aids in roping in potential backers and kick-starting entrepreneurial journeys.

Participants of the Crowdpitch competition 2017 can enter by preparing a pitch to deliver through a fundraising campaign on the Impact Guru crowdfunding platform. Read more about it here: https://iitb.impactguru.com/



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