Hyderabad based AI startup “Tuplejump” gets acquired by Apple

Hyderabad based AI startup “Tuplejump” gets acquired by Apple

Tuplejump is Apple’s first acquisition in India

Hyderabad – Sept 24, 2016. 18:49 IST. RedNewswire/-

Apple acquired Hyderabad-based AI startup Tuplejump, which specialises in faster storage, processing and analysis of big sets of data. However, the amount at which it got acquired remains undisclosed.

Tuplejump has round 16 employees and all are in the process of becoming Apple staffers.

Apple said in a statement, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time-to-time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”


Tuplejump was founded in 2013 by Rohit Rai, Satyaprakash Buddhavarapu and Deepak Alur. Two co-founders have already joined Apple while third cofounder, Deepak Alur, joined Anaplan – a Cloud-based business modelling and planning platform for sales, operations and finance.

The Tuplejump team was well acquainted with open source big data tools such as the Apache Spark processing engine, the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database, and the Apache Kafka distributed high-throughput publish-subscribe messaging system.