How we work

At Red Newswire, we use strategic publishing and multi-channel simultaneous broadcast to promote your brand. Subscribing to a full-fledged content marketing service, you go viral in a 360 degree broadcast. From corporate press release distribution to infographics, market research reports, video based story telling, ebooks, podcast series, case studies, whitepapers.

  • Simultaneously reach Institutional, Retail and Social Investor Networks
  • Instant Publishing on a wide variety of Equity News Destinations
  • Strong Branding of your company included with Distribution
  • Powerful Integration with Red Newswire’s “Broascast Wire”
  • Rapid downstream syndication on the Internet and Search Engines
  • Extend your Visibility outside of your existing Reach

How seriously do we take your PR ?

We understand the value of your hard earned money. Hence, our endeavor is always to get the best ROI for your investments in our services.

  • It’s not only to get you on-boarded as our client for the first time, but our quality analysis is a regular job 365 days a year
  • A special team of Digital Marketing experts with over a decade’s experience is at the back-end to ensure the right quality of delivery
  • We don’t just work on it to show outputs just in the beginning but we keep enhancing the organic search visibility month on month.
  • We follow a strict set of rules to better our search visibility with time and consequently, 85-90% of our visitors land from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and more.
  • Given the market, 30-35% of our traffic is from India and rest is from US, UK , various parts of Europe, Australia, Singapore, South Korea and more. Our focus is more on countries outside India. If your potential customers are rooted in foreign countries, you’re at the right place.
  • Our set of ethics fall in line with Google guidelines very strictly.

We firmly believe that if you display Ads, you promote your content to whom you want. When people search on Google and land on your PR published on Red Newswire, that means they need badly what you sell. Obviously, the conversion rates are much much higher in latter case.