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How it was never truly about Freedom 251 for Ringing Bells


A well planned strategy with the help of govt… no wonder there were so many BJP top guys at the inauguration of the phone

NEW DELHI,July 09,2016/RedNewswire: A  smartphone at Rs 251 fueled by the assumptions like ‘DigitalIndia’ and ‘Make in India’, Noida-based Ringing Bells entered the exceedingly focused cell phone market in India with simply the right blend to reinforce its solid footing.

MOhit goelWhile masses were overpowered by the endeavors of the organization’s CEO Mohit Goel, the general business was to some degree certain that the Amity University graduated class had nothing progressive to offer.

Datawind , the organization which had in past, effectively figured out how to convey the least expensive Android tablet – Aakash to the administration for $35, discovered ‘undertaking Freedom 251’ “interesting”. Chief Suneet Singh Tuli in a question and answer session, only a week after Freedom 251 was reported, outlined the Freedom 251 dispatch as a “magnanimous task to gather free reputation.”

Be that as it may, Ringing Bells continued guaranteeing individuals about the plausibility of Freedom 251. The humongous media consideration, in a limited capacity to focus, Ringing Bells take its image over the alcove and corner of the nation. As everybody anticipated the Rs 251-Android phone, the organization appeared to have changed arrangements. While keeping on supporting the masses’ cell phone dream, it went ahead to extend its portfolio by reporting different items including new cell phones, LED TV, and feature phones banking on its ‘Freedom mileage’.

Freedom 251 is unimaginable unless…

An Android smartphone at Rs 251 is “in reality unimaginable”, just about the whole market said so in theme. In any case, the organization guaranteed that it was conceivable yet no brand really needed to attempt it. Indeed, even a week prior genuine conveyances were booked to happen, the organization declared that it will convey two lakh units of Freedom 251 through a state-wise lottery .

Notwithstanding, only two days after the fact the organization did a reversal on its guarantee expressing that it could offer just 5,000 units and whatever is left of the conveyances can just happen if government reserves it.

“So as to digitally-enable each Indian, on the off chance that I can get government support under the Digital India program, I can guarantee opportune conveyance of ‘Flexibility 251’ telephone to all subjects at the same value.” Goel told IANS.

Needs Rs 50K crore from government

As amusing as it might sound, the organization needs the administration to back the Rs 251-cell phone which has a Bill of Materials of around Rs 2,500. “On the off chance that the legislature is willing to dole out Rs 50,000 crore, we can guarantee that 750 million of India’s populace would turn out to be a piece of computerized India by owning a smartphone at Rs 251,” Goel told the news office.

Goel expressed that he was OK with the administration getting the gadget made by another seller under the brand the Freedom brand. Goel said, “The administration can make the telephone – under our Freedom image – from some other merchant. I have no protest to it. To make such telephone for each Indian subject, the administration needs to apportion reserves from its Digital India activity.”

It’s about the Freedom brand

Wonder what might have happened if Ringing Bells had dispatched its different items like element telephones, cell phones and LED TVs without propelling Freedom 251? It’s a given that the brand would have discovered it greatly extreme to get consideration. Brand perceivability and review would have been zero. Like such a large number of different hardware brands in the business sector, individuals would have considered Ringing Bells’ Freedom too simply one more Chinese organization.

The whole Freedom 251 scene can be a contextual investigation for masses to comprehend that it has dependably been about the ‘brand Freedom’ and not so much about Freedom 251 tragically.

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