Hive launches its “action and collaboration platform” to the public


In what seems to be an awesome blend between the leading collaboration platforms out in the market, Hive has launched its very own take of a collaboration software

New York & London, 19th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Hive has finally made its amazing collaboration tool public today. The platform allows teams to complete their tasks and projects in a better-enhanced way. Combining multiple features like messaging, team goals, personal to-do-lists and file sharing, Hive makes for an awesome blend of apps like Trello, Slack and Dropbox.

The service was in private beta since January this year. More than 600 customers were part of this test run and now, the app is finally going public worldwide. The app also integrates with more than 100 programs that are essential for online collaboration including the likes of Salesforce, WordPress, MailChimp and Google Docs.

“We think you can be smart about helping people know what to do, so we’ve been working in private with Deloitte, Capgemini [consultants], and GroupM [ad agency] and building out a library of processes of doing things the best way possible,”

founder of Hive John Furneaux said.

“[…] There’s lots of different things where your intention is not that far apart, and we want to capture that and give you the option. And that’s where the machine learning comes in. It’s matching the thing you’re trying to do with the best-in-class process.”

Sure, the new collaboration tool doesn’t automate anything you want to achieve. Instead, it tries to understand what you want to complete and thus comes up with a series of steps you should follow for the best results. The service also makes use of natural language understanding to recognize keywords and to parse the difference between when a Hive user types “write an article,” “write a blog,” or “post in social media.”

The app is currently available for free for teams containing up to 10 members. A professional version with unlimited app integrations is out now for $8 a month.

Image credit: Zapier