Here’s how Periscope can help you grow your startup business

Here’s how Periscope can help you grow your startup business

Here’s how Periscope can help you grow your startup business

Here’s how Periscope can help you grow your startup business

Noida | Red Newswire | May 26 10:39 PM IST.

This is the age when no business – whether an established company or a startup- can survive without digital marketing. Nowadays, startups are not only using Pinterest and Facebook to advertise their but are now moving to Instagram and Snapchat. But, as the technology is becoming more advance, visual storytelling apps hold more promise to grow your business. Here’s how Periscope, a live video platform, can help you grow your business.

Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Young Entrepreneur Council. He interviewed entrepreneurs of YEC to find out how fresh entrepreneurs can take the advantage of this new storytelling platform.

Gain interest in the eye of investors – Blair Thomas, First American Merchant

Periscope is capable of providing very unique experience when put in the hands of someone who can show you around the world. You can use this app to walk potential investors through your company and life. You get to show them your competency and passion towards work.

Attracting millennials – Pratham mittal, VenturePact

Millennials constitute a large number of app users and this includes Periscope as well. Millennials are more engaging. Periscope is first of its kind in the field and therefore has very less competition. Therefore, Periscope is a good option for brands targeting the young users.

A platform to launch product – Adam Steele, The Magistrate

A number of companies are using live video platforms for launching their products. Periscope is catching speed. It provides a great way to engage with potential customers.

Show consumers your company culture – Jonathan Long, Market Domination Media

Who doesn’t loves a company that has a great culture. Periscope can give your consumers a sneak peak of what actually goes on behind the scenes. This can help you build a connection with the audience and they may even become your brand supporter.

Let them know your story – Joshua Lee, StandOut Authority

Periscope is a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to let audience know their company’s story. As Lee puts it, “people like buying from other people, not faceless institutions.” Let them know how your company came into existence, what struggles you faced and how did you overcome them?

Make most of the office hours – Aaron Schwartz, Modify

Your consumers will always have some concerns and questions. Using Periscope, one can hold office hours to interact with audience and answer their questions directly – human to human contact – no scripted answers! They will feel more connected with the company.

Better business analysis – Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

Periscope also has its own business analysis tool called Periscope Data. You can use to create real – time dashboards. The data collected can be used by the internal team to see if the marketing strategy’s working out or not.

Be the virtual salesperson – Nicolas Gremion,

With Periscope, you can give a live demonstration of your product and not just exhibit it. Visual advertising is much powerful than plain catalogs.

Attract the right talent – Brennan White, Cortex

If your company is a fun place and has a great work culture, you have a plus point in attracting top talent. It is difficult to describe work culture simply in words. Video says a lot about your work culture. White says Periscope is a great way to show things – office humor, rapport of the team and so on.

Source: Mashable