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Here’s all you need to know about Google’s ‘Pixel’


Google has finally launched its new ‘Pixel’ smartphone. The phone was launched at a hardware event in San Francisco with a 117 minute presentation. With its new hardware division established the previous year, Google has successfully taken control of each and every detailing of the phone. Google has mastered both the hardware and software of the phone with an all new Android 7.1 Nougat operating system. The phone is made entirely by the company and is now being known as a Google phone in the true sense. The phone is launched at a price of Rs. 57,000. Here are some features you must check out.

  1. Design

The new Pixel smartphone comes in two sizes—Pixel and Pixel XL. While Pixel has a screen size of 5 inch, Pixel XL comes with a 5.5 inch screen. Both the phones are available in three colors; quite black, very silver and really blue. The latter reserved for the American market. The phones flaunt an aluminum body and the top third portion on the rear side has a glass panel. The body is rectangular with a little curve along the edges.

  1. Camera

Pixel has an excellent 12.3 MP camera. According to DxoMark, it is the best phone camera they have tried. Besides, accessing the camera is also very easy. All you need is to double click the lock up and it immediately opens up. To switch between the front and back camera, you just have to double flick with your wrist and there you are! The best thing about this phone is that it has unlimited photo and video storage via Google Photos. The camera also has an enhanced version of HDR+ multi image capability which improves image quality and reduces noise.

  1. Google Assistant and Android

Pixel is the first phone which has Google Assistant. Long press the home button or just say “Ok Google” and it starts answering all your questions. It even tells you about nearby restaurants, recent films, Wikipedia, calendar and so on. It also has a Google Allo messaging up which lets you converse with the personal navigator. The navigator becomes more useful and aware of your habits if you interact more.

  1. Other features

Google claims the charging lasts 17 hours on a 15 minute charge on Pixel XL. This obviously depends on your usage but overall it has a very fast charging capacity. The apps are displayed in circles instead of squares although it only applies for only Google apps. The display may become messy when you install other apps. To go to the app launcher you have to swipe up from the button. The buttons are embedded in the screen and the phone has its fingerprint scanner on the back. Pixel has a 2770 mAH battery while Pixel XL has a 3450 mAH power pack. Pixel is also the first phone which supports Google DayDream.

Overall the camera doesn’t score well on the designing part and has been criticized for copying Apple’s design. However, it does have the power to impress everyone with a great camera. Google’s Pixel has improved a lot as compared to the previous Google Nexus phone. The glass panel at the back is a little off-putting but was a necessary requirement to fix its innards. The phone certainly has the ability to face Samsung and Apple in the market.

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