Health and fitness discovery platform “Growfitter” raises $600K seed funding from SQUE Capital


Growfitter is an online marketplace for fitness centers and gyms

Health and fitness discovery platform Growfitter has raised $600k in seed funding from San Francisco-based VC SQue Capital. Karan Chellani, partner SQue Capital will join the board of the company and Mukesh Makhija, the managing partner of Grace Capital Venture, will join Growfitter as an advisor.

The company was founded in 2015 by  Sanmati Pande and Harshit Sethy. Growfitter aims to provide an incentivized wellness programme to build individual health quotient, by motivating and rewarding people to adopt an active and healthier lifestyle.

Growfitter offers an online marketplace for exploring various gyms and fitness centers based on their location, service and facilities, and book a free trial or membership. It also offers an online marketplace called GrowfitterStore for buying healthcare supplements and other fitness products.

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Karan Chellani Managing Partner SQue Capital, said..

“Our fund is focused on AI, Healthtech, Fintech and online retail sectors. Growfitter is one of the startups in health and fitness domain which is working on core AI and Machine Learning technology and continues to grow with a focus to help build and create a complete ecosystem in the preventive healthcare space. We foresee in the next  3-5 years AI will be the key in every technology startup.”

The company is available in 14 cities of India and claims to have clocked a $1.5M in gross revenue by selling 30k+ memberships as of June 2017.

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