Google and TechHub unite to foster ‘Startup India’

Google and TechHub unite to foster ‘Startup India’

Google and TechHub unite to foster ‘Startup India’.

Internet Giant Google and Global community for entrepreneurs TechHub have decided to collaborate, in order to showcase their consent to invigorate start-ups and their growth in our country.

Bengaluru | Feb 25, 2016 07:02 AM IST.

This collaboration claims to support more than 700 start-up companies that are currently being supported by TechHub not only in our country, but around the world.

Google TechHub Partnership Startup India

Elizabeth Varley, global co-founder and CEO of TechHub states that this alliance will not only help the companies around the world but will also focus on the state and progress of start-ups in India, so that they aim to think and go (grow) global right from the beginning. Google for Entrepreneurs’ Head of EMEA Partnerships David Grunwald says that the vision and goal of TechHub to embolden and educate start-ups and its members affiliate with that of Google for Entrepreneurs.

The best forte of TechHub was its ability to support and alleviate the hardships involved, when starting a new company.

The members of TechHub across 60 countries will now be provided with the privilege to get access to Google in six different international cities, in addition to their ability to access the contents, programmes and opportunities in TechHub, with their membership.