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Google Play Store For China Coming Up Next Year

Google Play Store For China Coming Up Next Year

Google Play Store For China Coming Up Next Year

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Nov 21, 2015 Last Updated at 11:55 AM IST.

Five years ago, google had pulled its services out of china after its refusal to self-censoring of the search results. However, now its aiming to launch china version of its play store next year. this would be google’s first major entry into the Chinese market since 2010.

This version of the play store will be specifically set up for china and will not have connection to the other versions of it.

Google plans to comply with the Chinese content filtering laws as well as laws for storing app data within country, which the ruling communist party might view as a sensitive matter.

China is the world’s largest smartphone market. Goggle has been maintaining very limited presense here and a number of its services have been inaccessible.

The US tech giant might use the successful play store launch as a base to introduce more services. However, google hasn’t given any hint as to which product it will launch next.

Shen Si, CEO of PapayaMobile (a Chinese advertising company) said that for google launching its product in china shows that it values the Chinese market. She said, “If they want to break the ice with the Chinese market then they have to pick a pretty important product to make available to the Chinese people and make it really localized. Google Play would be a really good product for that because it’s not very sensitive.”

Google has been working hard to launch the play store in china. It is expected to be launched somewhere near the Chinese New Year in February 2016. Google hopes to include payment services like Alipay from Alibaba Group and WeChat Payment from Tencent Holding.

Whatever the deal might, China is huge and un-ignorable market for Google. Apple Inc. operates in China and made revenue of $58.7 billion in 2014. Google said it is also looking forward for a minority stake in Mobvoi – Beijing-based AI firm – as a part of fundraising.

Source: Reuters

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