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Google is actively busy blocking sites with fake download buttons

Google is actively busy blocking sites with fake download buttons

An earlier report indicated that torrent site,, was blocked by Google for being a deceptive site. It now turns out that wasn’t the only site affected and that it got caught in a larger effort on Google’s part to detect and block all sites that offer deceptive download buttons.

If you’re a regular visitor to torrent sites, you’ll be aware of the large, usually green, download button that resides near the actual download button on most sites. It’s these fake buttons that Google is targeting. Fake download buttons usually lead to more ads and can, in severe cases, even install malware on your PC when clicked. It’s not just torrent sites that are affected by these ads though. We’ve seen similar ads on sites like fileplanet and even CNET’s

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Those who’ve been keeping a close eye on Google’s work these past few months will note that the blocking of fake download buttons was announced some months ago. It looks like Google is now pushing the algorithm more aggressively.

The blocking of fake download buttons is part of a larger Google initiative to cut down on malicious ads and to provide a safer browsing experience for everyone.

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