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Google plans to overtake Scotland-based startup, Skyscanner


Google is making efforts to overcome Skyscanner and other rivals by updating its travel booking site, Google Flights

New Delhi- Oct 18, 2016. Rednewswire/-

Scotland’s biggest travel booking website, Skyscanner. The startup is known as Scotland’s best technology startup but is now facing tough competition from Silicon Valley.

According to The Telegraph, Google is updating its Google Flights segment in the coming few weeks which will tell you whether you should book the flight in order to get the cheapest deal.

With the new update, the service will also let the users know the possibility of change in flight charges with a notification on Google Flights.  More information relating to the change in fair changes can be viewed when the notification is clicked. The update will be most beneficial for people who plan to book flights in the coming few weeks.

If customers want to constantly be updated with the change in flight charges they can subscribe to the e-mail alerts which will send information regarding change in prices on users e-mail ID. The pricing data will be based on Google’s previous years data so it may not be completely accurate but will give you a rough idea regarding what to expect.

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The move is an effort by Google to overtake small businesses like Skyscanner which raised $128 million early this year with a motive of expanding its business globally and thereby competing with other major rivals. The new financing made Skyscanner win the title of Scotland’s second ‘unicorn’. The title is provided when a company’s valuation crosses $1 billion. The first unicorn in FanDuel a digital sports platform where users can create imaginary teams and participate in leagues through which you can win exciting cash prices.

During the financing, Gareth Williams , CEO of Skyscanner said “Skyscanner has enjoyed high double-digit growth rates for some years now, and has been profitable since 2009”.

He gives the credit for the company’s success to its 1200 direct partners and its 50 million customers who use their service every month, their technical team who is extremely dedicated towards making the travellers experience perfect. The refinancing and recently hired employees will help in creating further tools for enriching travellers experience.

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When the company was asked if it offers anything similiar to what Google does, the spokesperson said, “We do, in two ways. We have a Price Alert feature, which alerts to price drops and increases on a particular chosen route. We also do an annual Best Time to Book campaign – there’s a real trend to when flights are cheapest.”

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