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Global Waxes for Detergents and Cleaners Market Predicted To Rise At A Lucrative CAGR Throughout 2018 To 2026 | TMR


Global Waxes for Detergents and Cleaners Market: Overview

Waxes for detergents and cleaners are materials that are usually employed in surface cleaning solutions as surface modifiers. They are employed as additives in cleaning solutions or detergents to enhance the gloss, matting effect, and hydrophobic properties or to modify surface properties such as anti-slip, mechanical resistance, etc.. Oxidized polyethylene waxes, polyethylene wax, ethylene copolymer or homopolymer waxes, and polyether waxes are some of the primarily used waxes in detergent and cleaner formulations. Oxidized polyethylene waxes and ethylene copolymer or homopolymer waxes are pure waxes that are usually referred to as synthetic waxes in the industry. The different types of waxes vary from each other in terms of mechanical and physical properties. These waxes are available in various forms on a commercial scale. They are available as powder, granules, flakes, and micronized waxes, with optical appearance from transparent to opaque. The choice of form typically depends on the type of application it is to be utilized for. Waxes are solids at ambient temperatures, and with variation in temperature, they change form from soft to plastic, brittle, and hard. The melting point of waxes is usually above 40°C. They exhibit low viscosity values above the melting point. Wax emulsions are also utilized for the same purpose as that of waxes. The major difference between the two is that waxes are solids, whereas emulsions are liquids and are primarily used with water-based formulations to improve surface properties. Detergents and cleaners these days are widely used for cleaning purposes in a wide range of applications such as automotive polish, shoe polish, leather polish, textile finish, furniture polishes, etc.

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Global Waxes for Detergents and Cleaners Market: Key Segments

Based on end-use, the waxes for detergents and cleaners market can be segmented into domestic use and professional use. Currently, the domestic use segment dominates the market and is anticipated to continue its dominance during the forecast period. The domestic use segment is anticipated to expand at a significant CAGR during the forecast period. This is primarily because cleaner and detergent products come under the category of fast moving consumer goods, which is a rapidly expanding industry. Moreover, these goods are among the basic goods that an individual requires on a daily basis and are more or less in direct proportion to the population.

In terms of product, the waxes for detergents and cleaners market can be categorized into ethylene copolymer or homopolymer waxes, polyether waxes, polyethylene wax, oxidized polyethylene wax, and others product types. The polyethylene wax and oxidized polyethylene wax segments can be further segmented into soft, hard, micronized, and other types. Currently, the waxes for detergents and cleaners market is dominated by the polyethylene wax segment, which is anticipated to expand at a significant rate during the forecast period. Polyethylene wax is used in various cleaning and detergent formulations such as floor polishing, shoe polishing, car polishing, leather polishes, automobiles polishes, etc.. Polyethylene wax provides superior buffability. Moreover, it helps in making coatings and surfaces more hydrophobic and can be emulsified without the use of surfactants.

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Global Waxes for Detergents and Cleaners Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the waxes for detergents and cleaners market include American Cleaning Solutions, The Dura Wax Company, BHC, Inc., and  Simoniz USA.


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