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GIF support lands on WhatsApp for iOS


WhatsApp has started rolling out a new update for iOS that brings in support for GIFs.

8th Nov., Red Newswire/-

There’s no shortage of instant messaging apps in today’s world. But considering popularity and reliability as the apex criteria, WhatsApp can be considered the best one out there. This changes slightly if we move towards iOS as there are other IM apps that offer similar or more features than WhatsApp including Apple’s iMessage, Snapchat, and Google’s new entry Allo.

Facebook’s WhatsApp is a heavy fighter, though. The company announced today that sharing GIFs is now going to be available for iOS users. The feature has been available on Android for a while now. But it’s not just GIFs for iOS.

According to the company, the new feature will allow users to send and receive GIFs, these may include Live Photos and shorter videos, both of which can be now converted easily to animated GIFs.

Videos need to be six seconds long in order to qualify as GIFs and Live Photos can be shared by using the 3D Touch feature from the “Attach” interface. Here, just tap on the “Select as GIF” option and select the Live Photo from your Photo and Video Library.

Not just this, the company is also providing users with an integrated GIF search engine, powered by Tenor. You are also allowed to edit, trim and modify GIFs. These can be done by rotating them, adding emoji or text, etc.

While GIFs have been long available on Android, the last few features haven’t yet rolled out for the users of Google’s operating system. To get the latest update of WhatsApp, just head over to iTunes and enjoy the whole new features. We expect the features to be brought to Android a few weeks into November.

Featured Image credit: WhatsApp