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Get ready to ‘Paint it Red’ with Hobbmob – On a mission to fulfill every hobby wish


A cup of masala chai, special vada pao, a brilliant artist and table full of vivid colors !! Sounds like a happy person’s heaven, ain’t it? Well this heaven is a hobby class and it could be yours also too!

Bengaluru – April 14, 2017. RedNewswire/-

All of us have a little post-it somewhere – stuck on the refrigerator, pinned on a board or imprinted in our hearts about the things we want to learn. The hobby aspirations we have had since we were kids, the ones that pop up every time we watch a reality show and the ones we left incomplete because life pulled us in different directions. Now with HobbMob, it’s time to fulfill all those hobby dreams by sharing your talent and picking up skills you’ve always wanted to.

Founded by  Vaibhav Nagori and Rajvi Nagori, it is a creative community where skills, minds and people connect, a place where creative minds come together to teach, learn and exchange ideas. This amazing concept brings both experts and enthusiasts together and help them to teach people a new skill or acquire a new skill, vice versa. This new venture is based on the idea that everybody has something new to teach and learn. Hobbmob wants to promote creative talent and support people in doing what they love to do based on a strong belief that art brings people together ?

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Bringing together ‘professionals’ and ‘hobbyists’ on a single platform, it aims to build a community where people from everywhere can collaborate. Whether it’s a college student who wants to learn an instrument, a homemaker who wants to teach that special cuisine to earn an extra buck or a senior citizen who has been wanting to master a foreign language, the founders at HobbMob believe it’s never too late or early to get it done. An easy-to-operate interface lets users from all over the country register on the site and start the learning and sharing process!

With activities related to dance, music, sports, art and food, a hobby enthusiast can pick from loads of hobby options with a class structure and schedule to suit their needs. Those who want to sign up on the ‘Expert Mob’ can register by uploading their profiles and setting up their classes – either in person at home, in a group, or online through pre-recorded and live videos.

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Talking about the philosophy behind HobbMob, Rajvi says, “We believe art brings people together and through this venture we want to build a community of people who are passionate about what they love doing and people who look forward to learning something new every day. You no longer have to travel across the world to explore a dance form, work around rigid class timings for a Pilates class or hunt high and low for the perfect piano teacher – you may find what you’re looking for right around the corner!”

With so many unfulfilled hobby aspirations, it’s the perfect time for everyone to strike things off that bucket list, teach their skills and be a part of the ‘Happy Hobby Circle.’


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