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Get ready for bigger engines for cars in future

Get ready for bigger engines for cars in future

According to a new report, automakers like Volkswagen, Renault, and Vauxhall may soon go back to larger engines because of new emission tests that have exposed flaws of smaller units.

24th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire

A new report by Reuters points toward the fact that automakers might start deviating from smaller capacity engines and bring back the older, bigger ones, because new age emission tests have uncovered several flaws in the former design.

The main aim of downsizing engines was to achieve low emission ratings in older laboratory tests, but it seems as if the smaller engines have more negatives than positives. According to several reports, in the real world, downsized units can sometimes perform worse than larger ones for CO2 and NOx output. This is largely because of the heat generated by the turbos they employ to generate large output. Traditional tests were unable to detect these faults, but newer, more enhanced tests have uncovered the whole story.

Not just this, there are other issues with smaller engines including overheating that requires over-fueling to keep engine temperatures cool. While that may not be so serious, it results in more unburnt hydrocarbons, particulates and carbon monoxide emission.

Reuters says that many of the modern car makers have already started deviating from the upsizing philosophy. These include famous names like General Motors, Volkswagen, Renault, and several more.

Pavan Potluri, an analyst at forecasting company IHS Automotive, told Reuters,

“[Downsized engines] might be doing okay in the current European test cycle, but in the real world, they are not performing. So there’s actually a bit of ‘upsizing’ going on, particularly in diesel.”

So, it seems as if we will be going back a decade, at least in terms of transportation. But it will be interesting to see how automakers combine modern technology with traditionally large engines.

Image credit: GM Authority