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Game of Thrones alert: “DANCE OF DRAGONS” will reveal the history of Westeros


Game of Thrones alert: “DANCE OF DRAGONS” will reveal the history of Westeros

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Jan 3, 11:00 AM IST


For all those Game of Thrones fans waiting eagerly for the sixth season, here’s the latest buzz: you will get to watch an animated bit about the history of Westeros and Essos, the World of Ice and Fire. Yes! You are reading it right! You got to read the book, you got to watch the featured series and now, you will get to watch an animated featurette of this story.

The Blu-Ray version of Season 5 of GOT will include an animated version of the Dance of Dragons, which had created a rage in the original series, due to its enthralling finish.  For all those non-followers, do not imagine the Dance of Dragons for a crazy dance routine that includes Dragons dancing in circles, around a lit pile! N-O-P-E! The Dance of Dragons is a civil war, which was fought during the Targayen rule of the Seven Kingdoms, between the Targayen cliques.

The animated version of this war will include the voices of the actors, who play the characters in the live series. This will add on to the effect and the fans will sure as hell get excited over this. The Dance of Dragons and its description had originally been featured by the writer, George R.R. Martin, in the book of the same name (in 2011), which is set in an era nearly 200 years before the first book “A Song of Ice and Fire”. The animated version has been penned by screenwriter, Dave Hill.

Dave hill, known for making the audience go awestruck with his witty and beguile scripts, says that he had penned this animated version in a much more alluring fashion, keeping in mind the capability of Producer Adam Vadnais and his team and the way they had set the bar up with the of the Dance of Dragons in the live series.

The Blu-Ray editions will be available for us from the 15th of March, 2016. Till then, brace yourselves GOT fans!

By: Ranganayaki R @Rednewswire

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